Professional Accessibility Products

In addition to being authorized dealers of a wide variety of assistive listening products, SoundAssociates has manufactured its own line of wireless infrared listening products for over 30 years including I-Caption®, enabling you to provide automated closed captions, audio description, even foreign language translations at every performance

The team of skilled professionals at Sound Associates can guide you through ADA requirements and design the system that is right for you

See our full line of wireless headsets, pendant receivers, neck induction loops and accessories, compatible with all infrared listening system.

With a wide variety of transmitters and infrared emitters. Sound Associates is the perfect choice for theaters, large and small, classrooms, and houses of worship.

Using Mesh Networks technology, this system can transmit I-Caption, D-Scriptive or foreign language translations to the same hand-help device.

Sound Associates is the exclusive dealer of a system that can deliver automated captions, audio description and translations to any smartphone or WiFi enabled tablet.

Accessibility Systems: I-Caption, D-Scriptive & GalaPro

R6 Receiver – I-Caption D-Scriptive & Audien

CS6 Base Station & Midi Show Control

T4 Transmitter

GalaPro Mobile App

Infrared Receivers

Infrared Transmitters, Emitters & Power Supplies

SA1401 – Small Area 3-Channel Infrared Transmitter and Emitter

SA11798 – Infrared Emitter Distribution Amp


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