SA1532P – Two-Channel/Stereo Infrared Pendant Receiver (2.3 MHZ. 2.8 MHZ)


The Sound Associates wireless pendant-style infrared receiver is designed for professional applications to be used with the SA1520NIL Neck Induction Loop and other audio devices with a 3.5 mm plug. It is equipped with a sophisticated receiving circuitry with multiple receiving diodes to increase sensitivity.

The SA1532P is switchable to receive a frequency modulation of 2.3 MHz or 2.8 MHZ or stereo (2.3 MHZ and 2.8 MHz) and is both easy and comfortable to wear, using either the neck lanyard or lapel clip.

Powered by a light-weight lithium polymer rechargeable battery, it is designed with a new industrial-strength chassis for added durability in commercial applications. Its advanced mechanical design ensures years of trouble-free use.


  • Automatically powers on when 3.5 mm plug is inserted.
  • Lithium Polymer battery for quick recharging.
  • Automatic mute when no infrared signal is present.
  • Multiple receiving diodes and IR transparent case for wider scope of coverage and greater sensitivity.
  • Soft neck lanyard and spring lapel clip.
  • Slide volume and channel selection for simple operation.
  • Two selectable channels for multi-language interpretation or stereo.
  • Rechargeable battery that charges in the receiver for ease of distribution.
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