R6 - Audien® Wireless Receiver



The R6 wireless video display is the 6th generation of our award winning I-Caption® system that supplies verbatim closed captions, subtitling, graphics or audio playback on an individual hand-held receiver. Originally designed for live theatrical productions, this fully automated system displays dialogue, lyrics and sound effects with the efficiency of real-time captioning at a fraction of the cost and manpower. Each R6 receiver is a self-contained, non-intrusive wireless unit that can be used in any seat in theater, allowing a deaf, hard of hearing, blind and low vision patrons to become an active member of the general audience, no longer invited to certain performances and relegated to special seating constraints.

The R6 when coupled with the Audien® suite of products will display I-Caption® slides of verbatim closed captions or subtitling. The R6 can also playback prerecorded audio files in mp3 format for audio description for low vision patrons or multi-lingual audio commentary for foreign speaking patrons. The R6 utilizes a proprietary wireless mesh technology in the 900 MHz range to deliver reliable cue changes every time.


  • High resolution color 1080P OLED display supplies crisp graphics and text that is easy to see at all angles.  with no glow from backlight. 
  • OLED display does not utilize a backlight, therefore there is no glow in dark environments.
  • Graphic or Text brightness can be ramped up or down from 0% to 100% over a specified period of time for each individual slide allowing the natural transition from dark to light.
  • Each unit has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the patron’s hand with little or no long – term fatigue.
  • Charging and file transfer via a USB-C connection.
  • The R6 is completely self-contained, battery powered and receives show information via an innovative 900 MHz mesh network specifically designed to work in high traffic radio transmission areas.
  • Completely automated delivery of audio and video segments when coupled with the I-Caption CS-6 control unit.
  • Rechargeable 3000mAh lithium-ion battery supplies extended usage.
  • Easy file transfer to R6 handheld units via USB-C thumb drive.
  • The last five slides are stored in buffer memory so end user could back up if they missed information.


The R6 handheld unit incorporates a sensitive RF transceiver utilizing a peer-to-peer protocol in the 900 MHz range in North America and the 2.4 GHz range for operation in global markets. This innovative mesh protocol offers added network stability through self-healing, self-discovery, and dense network operation. All of the video and audio content are stored on the units’ local memory. The R6 plays mono or stereo mp3 audio files, displays graphic data in JPEG format and plays full motion video in mp4 format.

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