Galapro Mobile APP

Captions, Audio Description and Text Translations via your WiFi Enabled Smartphone of Tablet

GalaPro is a unique service that utilizes a mobile app to deliver captions, audio description, even text translations on demand to theater patrons using the GalaPro app on their own smartphone or WiFi enabled tablet.

Using the GalaPro server and the CS-6 show control base station to automate the services, Sound Associates offers venues the ability to supply automated captions, audio description and translation to live theatrical productions.  Touring venues have access to a wide array of productions originating on Broadway and London’s West End. Regional Theaters have found this service invaluable in reaching out to their community; making their productions more accessible and inclusive.

Since February 2022, when the Shubert Organization acquired GalaPro, Sound Associates has managed operations for equipment sales, installation services, content development and key technical support to theaters across the globe, making live productions more accessible than ever before.


  • Offer captions, audio description and / or text translations to your audience at every performance.
  • Compatible with most WiFi enabled smartphones and tablets.
  • Patrons may use their own device with no cost to download app.
  • No fee to patrons for accessibility services (translations can be offered as an in-app purchase).
  • Automate content with midi show control or OSC interface (sold separately).
  • Manually cue service with GalaPro’s Manual Pusher Software.
  • Provide captions or text translations for unscripted performances by connecting to a CART operator.

Demo the GalaPro App

  1. Download the app

2.  Set up GalaPro Log in.
3.  Follow steps to open app.
4.  Scroll to bottom of Show List to:

5.  Tap to begin demo

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