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MJ, The Musical

Neil Simon Theatre

For description of the devices available, click the link.

Assistive Listening (Audio Amplification) – Infrared System

·  Infrared Headset/Receiver
·  Infrared Neck Induction Loop (t-coil enabled device required)
·  Headphone Receiver (compatible with Cochlear Implants)

* This theater is also equipped with a large area induction system for patrons with t-coil enabled hearing devices.

Personal Captioning

·  I-Caption
·  GalaPro (Requires Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or tablet)

Audio Description

·  D-Scriptive
·  GalaPro (Requires Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or tablet)


·  GalaPro – Text Translations (Requires Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or tablet): French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Large Groups: For reservations of 5 or more, please contact us via email: reservations@soundassociates.com

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Reservations must be made at least 3 hours prior to curtain to be processed. Patrons may still pick up a device at the theater.

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