SA1720 – Infrared Emitter Double Power Supply

The SA1720 is a low voltage, infrared emitter power supply for new and existing infrared emitter panels.  Utilizing a high-efficiency regulated switching power supply, It is internally adjustable from 27 to 33 VDC.
The SA1720 Double Power Supply can power up to twelve Sound Associates SA1211, emitter panels, combining low voltage with a modulated audio signal supplied by an infrared transmitter.  The emitter and power supply are connected via a single three conductor cable terminated at the power supply with either a 5 pin XLR connector or bare wire.  This single cable supplies a modulated audio signal and power to the emitter eliminating the need for an electrical outlet at each emitter location. 
The SA1720 is equipped with a high efficiency switching power supply and a quiet forced air cooling system designed to insure years of quality performance.

For installations requiring 6 emitters or less, Sound Associates also manufacturers a single power supply. For information on the SA1710, click here.


  • Universal Input Voltage 90 to 264 VAC –  Automatic Sensing.
  • Over voltage and over load protection.
  • High quality internal power supply rated at 120 Watts.
  • Quiet forced air cooling system.
  • Supply can be linked with existing infrared transmitters via BNC connection.
  • Units can be daisy chained together.
  • Single rack space design.
  • Includes BNC-003 three foot RG59u BNC to BNC cable.
  • Full 3-year warranty.
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