SA1401 – Small Area Infrared Transmitter With Emitter

The Sound Associates SA1401 Small Area Transmitter is ideal for home/personal use and commercial spaces such as board rooms, class rooms and court rooms.

The 3-channel trans-emitter makes it both compact and easy to install as well as flexible enough to retrofit with older model receivers. A toggle switch on the back makes choosing the desired channel, simple, with corresponding LED channel indicators on the face that are both easy to identify, while remaining inconspicuous.

Built into the unit is a single position, drop-in charging station along with two auxiliary battery chargers located on the side. Each battery charger has its own LED indicator light which illuminates red to show battery is engaged and charging, then changing to green to show charging is complete.

The SA1401 Transmitter is sold with 12 VDC transformer power supply, audio cables (3.5 mm to RCA stereo, 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm) and 3.5 mm to 1/4” adapter for maximum audio connectivity.



  • Automatically shuts off transmitter when no audio is present (approximately 5 minutes). Note: Power to battery charging stations remain on.
  • Convenient drop-in charging cradle will charge battery while in the receiver.

    Multi-charging capabilities to charge to additional batteries in side slots.
  • Recessed LED battery charging indicators
  • 12 high-powered diodes with 170° angle for maximum coverage pattern
  • Three selectable channels (2.3 MHZ, 2.8 MHZ and 95 kHz for compatibility with nearly every IR receiver.
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Commercial grade casing with weighted base for extra stability and durability.
  • Full one-year warranty.
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