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Important Notice for Infrared Headset Users

Over the past several years, Sound Associates has been upgrading the Broadway theaters' infrared assistive listening system frequencies from 95 kHz to 2.3 MHz. This is in part necessitated because the industry has moved away from the lower frequency, making replacement parts nearly obsolete. But, also, with an array of lighting effects now being used on Broadway, the lower frequency was more prone to interference from these lights and, therefore, subject to reduced quality. And so, with the start of the Fall Broadway season, Sound Associates has ramped up the changeover and will be adding several new production to the list of upgraded theaters; as well as changing some of the long-running shows including: The Lion King and Matilda.
For patrons who prefer to borrow their assistive listening device from the theater, the changeover is almost unnoticeable (except for the increased comfort from the new lightweight design). However, for the ten of thousands of theater patrons that have been using their own device (models SA600 series, SA500 series and most Sennheiser devices), this upgrade could present a problem as they will not function on the new frequency being installed. To assist our valued patrons, we are currently offering a trade-in discount on the purchase of all new receivers. To see our complete line of infrared listening consumer products, here.

You may also check to see which of the current theaters we maintain are still accommodating your older headset on our Broadway Listings Page. Please bookmark this page in your browser and check back for future updates. The complete changeover is anticipated to be complete by June, 2015.

All theaters are also equipped with Neck Induction Loop devices that allow a patron with a t-coil equipped hearing aid to use an infrared listening device with their hearing aid. These new neck loops have been redesigned to give the patrons extra volume, clarity and comfort.
Sound Associates is committed to assisting our consumer customer and are available to answer any questions regarding the change over you may have. You may reach us by email: or via phone (212-757-5679, local or 800-772-7686, toll free) Monday through Friday 10 am to 5:30 pm.

The SA650NIL Neck Induction Loop

can be used with a variety of assistive listening receivers including the SA1521H single channel receiver and the SA1523H 3-channel receiver, to give the user added volume, clarity and comfort.