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SA611 Small Area, Low-Voltage Emitter

SA611 Front View | SA611 Bottom View
The Sound Associates SA611 is a high-powered infrared emitter panel. The emitter panel transforms a frequency modulated signal, generated by an infrared modulator or transmitter, into infrared light invisible to the naked eye. The 600 Series emitter panels work in conjunction with the SA601F Transmitter, PS24 Power Supply and SA650H Headset/Receiver. These emitters are powered by 24 volts DC from an emitter power supply and activated by the carrier signal from the transmitter.

One power supply can power a total of 200 diodes. Therefore, each power supply will power a maximum of four SA611's. The SA611 is equipped with infrared diodes rated for 100,000 hours designed to ensure years of quality performance at an affordable price.


  • Powered by low voltage, eliminating the need for 120 VAC at each emitter location
  • Infrared diodes are activated when modulated audio signal is present
  • Fault circuit indicates diode or voltage regulator failure
  • New switching voltage regulator increases efficiency by 20%
  • Terminal strip allows for easy connection to power supply
  • Removable front plate allows for painting of emitter panel to blend into its surroundings
  • Connected to power supply via a single 16-gauge 2-conductor shielded cable that supplies low voltage and signal

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