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Single Channel Infrared Transmitter SA601F

SA601F Front View | SA601F Rear View
The redesigned infrared modulator includes phantom power for one condenser microphone and external pre-amp level control adding more versatility to this state of the art transmitter. The SA601F works in conjunction with the SA611, SA612, SA613 infrared emitter panels and SA650H, SA650HX headset/receivers. The System 600 is used in theaters, cinemas, courtrooms, classrooms, and public meeting areas to aid hearing or sight impaired individuals. Also used for simultaneous translation or audio enhancement, the SA601F supplies unsurpassed quality at an affordable price. The SA601F is backed by a full three-year warranty that will ensure years of quality performance and listening satisfaction.


  • Balanced line or microphone input with phantom power
  • Infrared output on the front panel for monitoring program
  • Pre-amp gain control on back panel
  • 10 segment peak responding LED bar graph display showing true modulation output
  • Half rack space design that can fit two units side by side in a standard 19" rack
  • Offered at 95kHz or 250kHz modulation frequencies, compatible with other infrared listening systems
  • Newly designed fast reacting limiter with no additional distortion or noise
  • High push-pull output stage capable of driving long wire runs
  • Full 3-year warranty

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Specifications Sheet
Operation Manual