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Commercial Battery Chargers

SA1910 - 10 Position | SA1920 - 20 Position | SA1950 - 50 Position
  • SA1910 (10 POSITION)
  • SA1920 (20 POSITION)
  • SA1950 (50 POSITION)

The Sound Associates SA1900 series Smart Chargers take the next step in the evolution of infrared system battery chargers. Each charging position has a multi-color LED indicator light that lights when a battery is properly inserted. Red indicates uncharged. As the battery continues its trickle charge the LED will change to yellow, then finally green when it is fully charged. This exciting feature virtually eliminates distribution of insufficiently charged or non-functioning batteries.

Available in three sizes, the commercial-grade chassis is made of brushed aluminum to ensure years of continued use and can recharge up to 50 SA505 (NiMH) batteries.

Each charger includes one (1) SA1900-6 6 VDC power supply which can be plugged into any 120 VAC outlet.

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