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SA1533H – 3-Ch IR Receiver, 2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz and 95 kHz

SA1533H Front | SA1533H Bottom
Sound Associates manufactures two types of wireless stethoscope-style headset receivers designed for professional applications: the SA1531H (single-channel) and SA1533H (3-channel). Our headsets are equipped with a sophisticated receiving circuitry with multiple receiving diodes to increase sensitivity. Also, high-performance micro speakers are utilized to give the user remarkable audio reproduction.

The SA1530 series headsets are compatible with most infrared transmission systems currently in use. They are designed with a new industrial-strength chassis for added durability in commercial applications. Its advanced mechanical design ensures years of trouble-free use, while making the headset comfortable to wear.

The SA1533H is tunable and designed to receive frequency modulations of 2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz and 95 kHz. The stethoscope-style receiver is worn under the chin, and powered by a light weight lithium polymer rechargeable battery, designed especially for the Sound Associates' line of receivers.


  • Automatically powers on when worn
  • Lithium Poylmer battery for quick recharging and light weight
  • ADA compliant 3.5 mm mono audio output for hearing aid accessories
  • Automatic mute when no infrared signal is present
  • Recessed low light level indicator and audio tone alerts when battery power is low.
  • Multiple receiving diodes and IR transparent case for wider scope of coverage and greater sensitivity.
  • Commercial grade casing for extra durability.
  • Rechargeable battery that charges in the headset for ease of distribution.
  • Removable rubber or foam ear tips for easy cleaning.
  • Slide volume and channel selection for simple operation.
  • Full one-year warranty.

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