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PS24 Infrared Emitter Power Supply, 24V

PS24 Front View | PS24 Rear View
The PS24 is a low voltage, infrared emitter power supply for new and existing infrared emitter panels. The PS24 is a regulated 24 - 30 volt power supply that can power up to four Sound Associates SA611, two SA612, or one SA613 and one SA611 emitter panels. This emitter power supply combines low voltage with a modulated audio signal supplied by an infrared transmitter. The emitter and power supply are connected via a single three conductor cable terminated at the power supply with either a 5 pin XLR connector or bare wire. This single cable supplies a modulated audio signal and power to the emitter eliminating the need for an electrical outlet at each emitter location.

The PS-24 is equipped with an over rated linear Power One power supply and a forced air cooling system designed to insure years of quality performance.


  • Worldwide AC input, capable of operating on either 120 VAC at 60 HZ or 240 VAC at 50 Hz. Switchable via internal connection
  • Internal Power One power supply meets domestic and foreign safety standards: UL, CSA, IEC, VDE, BPO, ECMA, and CEE
  • Low output ripple
  • Internal power supply rated at >85 Watts
  • Supply can be linked with existing infrared transmitters via BNC connection
  • Half rack space design allows power supply to mount side-by-side with 600 series infrared transmitters in a standard 19" rack
  • High level push-pull output stage capable of driving long cable runs with no signal loses
  • Includes BNC-003 three foot RG59u BNC to BNC cable
  • Full three-year warranty

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