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T4 - Wireless Transmitter/Repeater

T4 front view | T4 bottom view | T4 main view
The T4 is designed to serve as both the transmitter and repeaters for the I-Caption, D-Scriptive and ShowTrans systems. It transmits cue information from the control station to R4 audio and video hand-held receivers. The fully automated system is designed to display captions, audio description or multilingual commentary to wireless receivers.

The T4 Transmitter when coupled with the R4 Receiver and the CS3 Control Unit will display I-Caption slides of verbatim closed captions or subtitling. The T4 can also trigger playback of prerecorded audio files in mp3 format on the R4 for audio description for the blind or multi-lingual audio commentary.

The primary T4 transmitter / coordinator is hardwired to the CS3 control unit and broadcasts cue information to the receivers via a wireless mesh network in the 2.4 GHz range. Additional, T4 repeaters can be added to the network to increase coverage. Repeaters can be either wireless or hardwired with CAT5E cable terminated in an EtherCon connector. Voltage is supplied to the T4 via the CAT5E cable for cable runs under 150 ft, otherwise local 5-7 VDC is required.

The T4 Repeater unit incorporates a sensitive RF transceiver utilizing a peer-to-peer protocol in 2.4 GHz range for operation in global markets. This innovative mesh protocol offers added network stability through self-healing, self-discovery, and dense network operation.


  • Utilizes an innovative 2.4 GHz mesh network specifically designed to work in high traffic radio transmission areas.
  • Wireless repeaters can be added as needed.
  • Covers approximately 200 ft radius in ideal situations.
  • Strong metal case with EtherCon Connectors makes it extremely durable in harsh environments.
  • Universal mount allows it to attach to wall, ceiling or microphone stand.
  • Hardwired transmitter receive RS-485 information and power down a standard CAT5E cable terminated in a EtherCon connector.

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