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February 2011
Billy Elliott joins the girls from Oz and the boys from Jersey to become the latest Broadway hit to feature Sound Associates' I-Caption® System.

Billy Elliot
The Sound Associates' I-Caption ® System is quickly becoming the most sought after technology to offer automated accessibility to Broadway. Coupled with the existing infrared assistive listening system, this system offers comprehensive assistance for patrons with hearing loss, as well as the visually impaired; even offering translations in multiple languages for the tourist trade-- at every performance.

Personal Closed Captioning: The CS-3 Base Station, the heart of the I-Caption® System works in conjunction with the show's lighting board to regulate and cue a series of slides, stored on a personal PDA. Patrons with severe or complete hearing loss, use the personal PDA to view the slides, giving them complete visual access to all spoken dialogue, every lyric, even significant sound effects -- all with the appearance and accuracy of real-time captioning.

Audio Description: D-Scriptive enables patrons with limited vision and even complete loss of sight to attend outfitted productions at any performance. Audio files, stored on the base station, are triggered by the production lighting board and sent to an RF transmitter. The single earbud receiver supplies the user with running audio commentary describing the physical aspects of the Production. Sets, costumes, lighting and action of the story are vividly brought to life in the listener's mind, giving them greater access to the production than ever before.

Foreign Language Commentary: Like D-Scriptive, ShowTrans® utilizes audio to enhance the production for theater patrons visiting from another country or when use of vernacular may be lost on someone whose primary language is not English. Commentary is strategically placed throughout program to enhance the user's comprehension without distracting from the performance. And because it is automated, it is available for every presentation.

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