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April 2009
Sound Associates joins the Broadway community in going green by installing solar panels as an alternate way to generate electricity.

Sound Associates, Inc. has installed new rooftop solar-panel arrays that will supply as much as a quarter of its energy needs at its Corporate Headquarters in Yonkers, New York.

Sound Associates, Inc. installed a 25,000-watt array of 150 photovoltaic panels. Richard Fitzgerald, the chief executive, said his company's decision to reduce energy consumption stemmed from an imperative in New York City's performing arts industry. "We build systems for the Broadway community, and they have this very big impetus to go green, and they're working on theaters to make them more efficient," said Fitzgerald, a Tony Award-winning sound designer. "Since we're part of that community, it's time to look at other ways to generate electricity."

The panels, installed by Akeena Solar of Los Gatos, Calif., will produce the company's entire weekend electricity needs. The panels' photovoltaic cells essentially convert sunlight into direct current and then into alternating current, with no moving parts.

The panels were installed at an angle on the company's south-facing roof, with the high end about 30 inches above the roof and the low end about 6 inches. Fitzgerald said he hoped to double the number of panels eventually.

Due to their commitment to the environment, Sound Associates was honored with a "Greenie" award from the Yonkers Green Policy Task Force.