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February 2009
Good News! She's... moved!

After racking up nearly 600 performances with the Los Angeles production of Wicked, I-Caption is heading to San Francisco. The monster Broadway hit enjoyed an enormously successful (and lengthy) run at the Pantages Theater is planning a repeat performance at the Orpheum Theater beginning January 27, 2009 and I-Caption will be along for the ride.

I-Caption, developed by Sound Associates, Inc. has become the choice on Broadway for automated personal captioning, broadening the scope of audience like never before. Using a series of slides timed and synced to the production's lighting cues to give the appearance of real-time captioning, this one-of-a-kind product affords patrons with severe to complete hearing loss the ability to follows the progress of a play like never before. For a complete list of shows offering I-Caption, click here.

Included with the I-Caption system is D-Scriptive, automated audio description for the visually impaired. This unique blend of technology, artistry and automation has enhanced the theater-going experience of thousands since its introduction to Broadway for the 2001 Tony winning revival of 42nd Street. For a complete list of shows offering D-Scriptive, click here.

Completing the automated package is ShowTrans, available exclusively from Sound Associates. This service, geared for patrons whose native language is not English offers commentary in multiple languages strategically placed throughout the program allowing the listener a better understanding of the intricacies of the production. As with the production in Los Angeles, the current production of Wicked in San Francisco offer "translations" in Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and French. Languages offered vary from show to show. To see a complete list of shows offering this service and the languages available, click here.