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Sound Associates, Inc. provides the audio system that helps make the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade® a success.

Every year more than 2.5 million people line the streets of New York while another 44 million people tune in to watch the most famous parade in history. For 80 years, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade® has kicked off the holiday season with glorious bands, balloons and floats; and for the past 12 years Sound Associates, Inc. has been supplying the audio system that helps make the Parade a success.

In 1994, Sound Associates, Inc. was hired to expand and enhance the audio system used to coordinates the multitude of balloons, floats and marching bands. In addition the elaborate system supplies audio commentary though out the morning for thousands of special guests at grand stands at the beginning and end of the parade route.

As the scope of the event grows yearly, Sound Associates has met challenges with the skill and professionalism for which we are known. With over 50 loudspeaker locations, the audio system delivers crystal clear audio to the more than 4000 parade volunteers and over 10,000 VIP spectators.

Sound Associates is proud to be a part of this historic and time-honored tradition.

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