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The Latest 2007

Part of their world 5/24/07

Sound Associates is proud to be providing the audio equipment for the upcoming Broadway show "Little Mermaid" with sound design by John Shivers and associate design by David Patridge. Features in this design include the Yamaha PM1D, DV Dosc Line Array and the new Meyer Sound LCS.

Sponge Bob! 5/24/07

Sound Associates recently sent the audio system for the Southeast Asia tour of Sponge Bob Square Pants, designed by Chris Cronin. The system of Meyer M'Elodie, PM5D and Shure UHF-R wireless will be thrilling kids all over the Pacific Rim for several years.

The King and I - China 2/24/07

Sound Associates recently sent the audio package for The King and I as it tours China for 18 weeks. Consisting of Meyer CQ1's in custom SAI modular towers, Shure UHF-R wireless and a Yamaha PM5D with a DM1000 side car, this package by Aussie designer Michael Waters is sure to wow the crowds.

We Will Rock You Rocks Toronto 2/22/07

Mirvish Productions has brought the smash London hit We Will Rock You to Toronto. Sound designer Bobby Aitken has a 20 box Lacoustic Vdosc system, 8 D&B B2 subs and a Digico D5t, among other toys, to really rock the crowds at The Canon Theatre in downtown Toronto.

WICKED adds German Commentary to its ShowTrans System 2/22/07

Recently international tourism in New York has reached new heights. Not since the year 2000 has New York seen so many international tourists on its streets and in its Theatres. To tap into this very important demographic, the producers at Wicked have added German to its automated multilingual commentary system. Wicked has been very aggressive in making its show available to every audience. It adds the German language to Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and French ShowTrans commentary already in use.

OMIGOD! Legally Blonde is coming to Broadway 2/22/07

Riding high after amazing reviews in San Francisco, this soon to be Broadway hit is loading into The Palace Theatre in preparation for April performances. Sporting the Digico D5T, as well as a Meyer Sound MICA self powered line array, the system will be mixed by Bob Biasetti. self powered line array, the system will be mixed by Bob Biasetti.

The New York Philharmonic presents My Fair Lady 2/22/07

Peter Fitzgerald will be designing this piece of theatre history that will star Kelli O'Hara, Kelsey Grammer, Charles Kimbrough, Brian Dennehy, Marni Nixon, Tim Jerome and of course The New York Philharmonic. Janet Smith will be handling the RF duties on stage.