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Mobile App Breaks New Barriers

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Broadway has taken another giant step for in making their productions accessible to all, adding GalaPro to their suite of audience services. Like I-Caption® and D-Scriptive, This unique service, provides on-demand caption and audio description for each performance—right to your own smart phone or wifi enabled tablet. For more information on this innovative service Click Here. To find a production offering GalaPro, click here.




Elaine May has returned to the Broadway stage in The Waverly Gallery about the final years of a feisty grandmother's battle with Alzheimer's disease. Michael Cera who starred in Lobby Hero at the Helen Hayes theatre moves around the corner to the Golden theatre to star as her grandson, surely with the approval of Kenneth Lonergan, author of both Lobby Hero and The Waverly Gallery. Sound Designer Leon Rothenberg and Assistant Sound Designer Chris Cronin work their magic on a Yamaha CL1 Mixer through a d&b PA, and you don't miss a word from movie legend or newcomer.


Kenny Leon returns to Broadway directing the American Son Premier which tackles the issues of race, culture, and bias affecting a bi-racial marriage. Sound Designer Peter Fitzgerald, Assistant Sound Designer Chris Cronin and Associate Daniel Baker bring the dialog to life with A1 Craig Van Tassel mixing on a Yamaha CL1 to a dynamic array of Meyer loudspeakers. The sound team delivers just the right level of excitement in the 780 seat Booth Theatre.


Sound Designer Kai Harada with Assistant Josh Millican bring the music of the Go Go's to life in a story book romance dating to the sixteenth century England. Mixing on a new Studer Vista 5 console A1 Doug Graves gets the audience on their feet right from the start of the show through Sennheiser 3732/5212 wireless mics and Meyer Leopard line arrays. Joyful sounds from the Hudson Theater can be heard in the lobby of the Millenium Hotel.


The Video Walls are awesome. A full stage LED Wall is coupled with double sided LED Walls on turntables transporting the production anywhere in the universe. Video Designer Aaron Rhyne takes us on a train journey from a station in Moscow through a snowstorm to a Palace Ball in Paris. Through 475 Roe Black Pearl BP3 video panels driven by 4 Disguise GX2 servers, Aaron creates a whirlwind so visually exciting it has the audience glued in their seats gasping and exclaiming throughout the performance.


Sound Designer Gareth Owen brings this popular "juke box" musical off the road into the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre with A1 Steve Henshaw mixing the Sennheiser 3732 body packs and Shure Axient hand held wireless through an Avid S6L Digital Console. D&B J Series Line Arrays and V Subs mix with E Series Surrounds to make a sweet package bringing "Love To You Baby" and "Bad Girls" alive for the cheering, standing room audience.


Broadway Musical Storytelling is making a big splash this fall as Bruce Springsteen plants his musical chops on stage at the Walter Kerr Theater. The audience is enjoying an unusual intimate experience in the 950 seat house and "The Boss" delivers a stunning performance usually enjoyed by thousands in the world's arenas. In his musical career spanning more than forty years with the E Street Band, the solo voice with only a guitar, harmonica and piano thrill the audience with timeless hits "Born In The USA" and "The Price You Pay"! Sound Designer Brian Ronan is up for the challenge of making each performance a thrilling "you-are- there" experience with L'Acoustics DV-DOSC Line Arrays and an Avid S3L console under the capable mixing of A1 John Cooper.


In the immediate wake of the 09/11/01 terrorist attacks, incoming aircraft were diverted from the NYC area to other airports, many outside the USA. Those diverted to St. Johns, Newfoundland found their reception by the local residents in the small, isolated town of Gander to be remarkably kind and sensitive inviting the "stranded" passengers into their homes for a "sleep-over." For this heart-warming musical, Sound Designer Gareth Owen chose a new Avid S6L-32 audio console for A1 Chris Leussmann to mix the d&b loudspeaker combination in Ford's Theatre, DC and the Royal Alex, Toronto, scheduled before the Broadway Premier. <